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Two farms working together to provide quality local meat

In 2010, Parry Bay Sheep Farm and Stillmeadow Farm decided to collaborate and sell their products at local farm markets. 10 years later, we are thriving as a small farm stand called Parry Bay Farm Market.

Parry Bay Farm Market

We began this journey with selling our pork, lamb, and chicken at local farmers markets on the weekend. As our customer base grew, so did the demand for more products, and with that, more space. We moved into a garage at Still Meadow Farm and spent many years there, building our customer base and experimenting with what types of cuts our customers would like best. We began a collaborative summer box program with Wind Whipped Farm, and worked with many other local small businesses throughout the years. In June of 2018, we decided to make a more permanent store at Parry Bay Sheep Farm, and this is when we rebranded to become the store we are today!

Our goal has always been to provided sustainable, ethically raised, local meat to our customers, as well as to collaborate with and support other local businesses. We love our customers, and we hope that you love buying meat straight from the farm!



Parry Bay Sheep Farm and Stillmeadow Farm work hard to raise happy and healthy animals. We are farmers because we love animals, and we believe our meat tastes better too, because our animals live with little stress.

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